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Want to know what separates us from other training providers?

At ACTWell First Aid Training our vision is to provide the Canberra community with the best quality First Aid Training experience at an affordable price.

Our main focus is on taking the fear out of first aid and filling you with the confidence to help someone in an emergency rather than simply being a bystander waiting for emergency services. Because doing something is what saves lives.

Our training always comes from people with real life experience in First Aid and CPR situations to provide validity and support the information we supply our clients.

We have a proven track record since 2011 of providing this quality training and saving lives. Almost every course that we run, we receive feedback telling us that “this was the best course we have ever attended”, and we want this high standard to continue to be upheld. We have been contacted on a number of occasions telling us that our training has helped save someone’s life! These real life successes are a result of our philosophy... Early CPR saves lives!

We use quality training resources and provide an interactive learning experience that doesn’t leave our clients bored and wishing they were somewhere else. We use real life examples and scenarios to achieve our engaging learning environment.

These are the things that separate ACTWell First Aid Training from our competitors, and we strive to maintain them while offering an affordable price. We are the BEST First Aid training provider in Canberra.

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ACTWell Trainer Adam

Adam - Director/Instructor

Hi my name is Adam, and I am a former high school teacher here in the ACT. But for the past 4 years I have been working in the emergency services. I have also been involved with Surf Lifesaving Australia since 1998, as a volunteer and a professional Ocean Lifeguard.

I started up ACTWell First Aid Training in 2012 after attending several serious First Aid instances with emergency services and realising there was a real need to inform the public about the importance of early CPR! Having attended a few cardiac arrests I am all too aware that most of the time, bystanders don't start CPR early enough. So with some experience under my belt and a background in education, I thought I should help spread the word, and that is when ACTWell First Aid Training opened its doors.

Since we started up I have provided training for over 2000 people from all different walks of life. I have developed professional training partnerships/relationships with schools, doctors surgery's, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, security companies, child care centres, government departments, and swimming schools just to name a few. Now there is a team of us, and we are all really passionate about providing quality first aid training at a great price, and that is why so many of our clients keep coming back to us. I hope to see you in of our courses soon.



Ben - Director/Instructor

Hi, my name is Ben.
I have had an interest and a passion for first aid for the past fifteen years, throughout which time I have worked in a multitude of first aid roles, both professionally and as a volunteer.
I have worked as a surf life saver in Australia, as well as a pool lifeguard in the United States. For the past six years, I have been employed in the ACT Emergency Services in a role that requires both a theoretical and practical knowledge of first aid, as well as teaching first aid to other employees.

I have been working as an ACTWELL First Aid instructor since 2014 and love values that make up this company. I enjoyed working here so much that in 2016 I became a Direcrtor and Co Owner.  I strongly believe there is a necessity to educate the public on the importance of early and effective CPR. Having attended many serious first aid incidents with the ACT Emergency Services, I am well aware of the benefits of having bystanders that are both willing and well trained to perform CPR.
I am passionate about providing quality first aid instruction in a fun and engaging way, instilling people with the required knowledge and confidence to enable them to use it in real life situations.
I have recently completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, and have worked in the ACT public school system for many years as a teacher’s assistant. I look forward to continuing to teach within my capacity as an ACTWELL First Aid Instructor.



ACTWell Trainer Sonya

Sonya - Instructor

Hi, my name is Sonya, and I am a Qualified Ambulance Paramedic. Prior to joining the ambulance service I have had volunteer roles with SA Ambulance Service, and as a health educator while travelling in Uganda.

As a paramedic, I have attended far too many incidents where bystanders have not commenced CPR on the casualty, and as a result the life hasn't been saved. Statistics show that by the time paramedics arrive, the chance of the casualty surviving has almost completely diminished unless bystanders perform CPR prior to our arrival.

Many of the cardiac arrests I have attended take place in family homes. The knowledge that members of the community may witness a family member go into cardiac arrest made me appreciate how valuable basic life support education can be, and this is how I developed an interest in first aid instruction.

I look forward to meeting you all!



Jackie - Instructor

Hi my name is Jackie! I studied a Bachelor of Paramedic Science in Brisbane, Queensland. I've spent the last 2 years travelling across Australia, working for a private medical company who provide paramedics, doctors and nurses to major events. My experience goes much further than just performing CPR and I like to give basic background information in order to help first aiders understand why we do things and why first aid is always changing. 

I think first aiders underestimate just how important they are in helping us do our job as Advanced Life Support clinicians. So I work hard on making sure you feel comfortable enough to take on that important role if you are ever needed. My focus is typically on quality CPR throughout my courses, because I believe Basic Life Support is the first integral link in saving a life.  I want my students leaving with the knowledge and confidence to be able to do their best in every first aid circumstance. 

I joined ACTWell in 2016 and have thoroughly enjoyed my time working alongside ACTWell's other Emergency Service Trainers providing the best first aid courses in Canberra. 

I hope to see you soon in class!



Dave - Instructor

Hi. My name is Dave and I split my time between teaching first aid and work as a firefighter. My passion for first aid really began when I was turning up to incidents as a firefighter, and seeing the real difference that first aid can make to a person's chance of survival and their quality of life. In particular, the incidents that involved cardiac arrests were strongly influenced by whether or not bystanders had commenced CPR.

As a result, my teaching focuses on empowering the first aider to take action, and teaching effective CPR. The chances are such that the person who needs the first aid will likely be someone you know and love. I have seen for myself that by teaching such skills we are saving lives and that is what makes me passionate about first aid instructing.


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