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CPR Pocket Mask

Product Code: FA-KIT-3
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 0.20kg
Dimensions: 15.00cm x 12.00cm x 5.00cm

Price: $20.00
Inc Tax: $20.00

Pocket Masks make First Aid safer and Easier. Everyone should have one of these in the glovebox of their car or in their First Aid kit at home. The mask comes with a pair of nitrile gloves so you have all your personal protective equipment ready to go in one handy set. The mask has a one way breathing and air release valve so you can provide rescue breaths to your casualty, and be confident that all bodily fluids will remain on the other side of the mask. Remember the golden rule of First Aid is to keep yourself safe first! If you ever need to perform CPR on someone, this mask will be your best friend.