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ACTWell have moved courses to a digital platform, eliminating the requirement for large group, face-to-face sessions.

This will be a temporary measure during the COVID-19 pandemic, and traditional training methods will be reinstated once the situation has resolved. 

Check out the WIN News coverage of our COVID measures


Online Training with Face to Face Assessment

This 'enhanced online learning' delivery mode has been designed for students who are unable to attend traditional, longer face to face delivery.

When enrolling in this mode of delivery students are scheduled into a short assessment session, and as part of that process they will be automatically enrolled in a more extensive ‘online’ course.

When completing the online course, students will complete all theory components and assessments prior to attending a very short face to face assessment session where they will demonstrate the skills required.


How do I complete the Enhanced Online Learning?
Once you have enrolled in a practical assessment session, you will receive a confirmation email from our online Learning Management System Training Desk (please contact us if you do not receive your confirmation email).  Follow the link in the email to login into Training Desk and complete your course registration. 
Once registered, you will have access to the online learning. There is a series of videos to watch followed by theory questions. Please ensure all sections are completed and marked green prior to attending your practical assessment session. Whilst it is not recommended, you may still attend a practical assessment session if your online learning is incomplete. You will NOT receive your certificate until all elements are complete.
(NOTE the enhanced online learning is NOT the same as the 'pre-course' study that was required to be completed in our traditional course delivery. If you have already completed the 'traditional pre-course' component, we apologise for any double up that may be encountered)  
Will the training quality be the same?
The enhanced online training is a measure that has been implemented to navigate the complications imposed by the current COVID-19 pandemic. When we made the difficult decision to postpone all traditional training, we realised that many of our clients want and need to maintain their qualifications through this trying time. 
Community safety is our greatest concern and we have taken the necessary steps to continue to deliver training to the ACT community in the safest way possible.  
ACTWell's 5-star reputation for quality training and assessment stems from the outstanding delivery that our experienced, knowledgeable and professional trainers provide. Online training does not allow for the same level of engagement from our expert instructors, but we want our customers to feel assured that our commitment to quality learning has not changed. Rather, we are learning to adapt to a new way of thinking. The online learning was developed quickly to address a challenging situation, and we will continually modify and build on this delivery method over the coming months in order to maintain the high standards that our customers have come to expect. 
We encourage clients to reach out to us if they have unanswered questions following their enhanced online learning, and remind you all that ACTWell WILL continue to deliver Canberra's best first aid training through this pandemic, and certainly in to the future.

Enhanced Hygeine Measures



We wish to reassure our clients that appropriate measures are being taken to ensure the safety of all staff and participants in our training courses.

ACTWell are committed to continuing to deliver our training programs, and we are following the advice of health authorities.

  • Course participants with signs of respiratory infections (flu-like symptoms, fever, cough, sore throat) will NOT be permitted to participate in assessment sessions.
  • All participants are to strictly adhere to Government social distancing requirements (standing 1.5m apart, no more than 1 person per 4 sqm).
  • 2.2m high clear acrylic dividers have been set up in the classroom to ensure social distancing is maintained, and maximise student and trainer safety.
  • All participants are asked to be extra vigilant with good hygiene practices, especially the cleaning of hands before entering practical assessment scenarios. Hand sanitizer will be made available at each assessment station.
  • Mouth to mouth breaths will NOT be performed on manikins. Instead breaths will be demonstrated using bag valve mask resuscitators (BVM’s).
  • Disposable nitrile gloves MUST be worn during practical assessment tasks.
  • Antibacterial cleaning wipes, or spray will be provided at each assessment station. Students are required to clean equipment before and after use.
  • Single-use bandages will be supplied. Bandaging and slings will be applied to manikins or self-applied, not to other class members.
  • Recovery position will be demonstrated on manikins, not on other class members.
  • Assessment stations will be thoroughly cleaned between students.
  • Training facility including bathrooms and ‘high-touch’ areas will be thoroughly cleaned at the commencement and cessation of all courses.

The measures we have taken exceed government requirments, and we believe they are necessary in order to ensure the safety of our staff and the entire Canberra community. 

Participants who's course was previously cancelled pending these changes will be contacted to reschedule using the new training delivery format. 

We thank you for your assistance and understanding, and will keep you updated as to any further changes that may be required.



ACTWell has taken a unique and innovative approach to social distancing