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Stay Safe in the Heat Canberra!

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology is warning that Canberra is facing a week of extreme heatwave conditions, with temperatures set to peak at 39-41 degrees for four days straight!

With the expected hot weather across most of eastern/southern Australia (46+ degrees some areas https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/ta4/2/16/1f92f.png"); background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">🤯) we want to remind you of the potential health issues that can arise in the heat.

We should all take the time to check on our elderly relatives and neighbours to see if they are coping with the heat and if they need help. Don’t forget to check on children and of course our pet’s aswell.

Who is at risk, and most vulnerable?
- Seniors
- Young children
- Athletes
- Outdoor workers
- Ill or poor health
- Pets

Every year, ambulance services warn that in a severe heat wave, people can get dehydrated, causing them to overheat, leading to heat stress and perhaps serious illness.

Signs to look out for in relation to possible heatstroke:
- No sweat (as in they have stopped sweating)
- Red and Hot Skin
- Dizzy
- Headaches
- Vomiting
- Unconsciousness

There are a number of tips to assist with helping yourself and others prevent heat stress including:
1. Drinking water regularly; 
2. Avoiding alcohol, coffee and soft drinks; 
3. Keeping cool by increasing air circulation in the home and cool showers; 
4. Wearing light clothing;
5. Limit outdoor time, if going outside, staying in the shade and minimising physical activity;
6. Keep yourself, kids and pets out of closed cars!!!!

Think smart, stay cool and look after each other!

And of course....

Be Somebody’s Hero

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For more info visit https://www.health.act.gov.au/…/population-he…/summer-safety