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Fire Extinguisher Use

It's not rocket science... but have you ever used a fire extinguisher?

Remember PASS:
PULL the pin out
AIM the extinguisher nozzle at the base of the fire
SQUEEZE the handle of the fire extingusher
SWEEP from side-to-side at the base of the flame

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Cyanide & Happiness - CPR

When your CPR training is that good... 😬

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Easter Choking Hazard

Have a safe and happy Easter this weekend Canberra! 

You deserve to eat your weight in chocolate eggs, but please be sure to supervise your little ones with the little ones! 

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Asthma management

In 2017, there were 441 deaths due to asthma in Australia according to the National Asthma Council Australia ... when you compare that to the 2 deaths associated with snake bites in the same year, it seems obvious why we place importance on this topic in our First Aid courses. 

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Tourniquet training

Tourniquet training! How’s that for simulated training? 

Check out our new tourniquet training limb... We pride ourselves on having relevant and up to date training resources. We strive to give people a ‘real and meaningful learning environment’. 

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How far First Aid has come...

Check out this World War II-era tourniquet!!!

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Heat Stroke

More training needed according to the coroner...

Possibly one of the greatest indicators that a casualty is suffering heat stroke (hyperthermia), rather than the more mild symptoms of heat exhaustion, is that when their conscious state becomes altered it will likely not improve even when laying them down, or may deteriorate again after lying down (additionally, the cessation of sweating and hot dry skin are important indicators). 

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