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Our Trainers

Adam - Director/Instructor

Adam Werbsite photo

Adam has spent the past 8 years working for ACT Fire & Rescue and has been involved with Surf Lifesaving Australia since 1998 as a volunteer and professional Ocean Lifeguard. Prior to joining the emergency services, he was a high school teacher here in the ACT. Adam taught Physical Education and Outdoor Education at Lanyon High School and Hawker College and has been educating and training for 15 years. When Adam delivers training, his passion is clear. He provides the best quality training available and ensures that all ACTWell courses are of the highest standard.

Adam founded ACTWell First Aid & Training after attending several serious emergency incidents with Fire & Rescue and realising there was a real need to inform the public about the importance of EARLY CPR! With experience under his belt, a background in education and a passion for raising First Aid awareness, Adam decided to spread the word, and that is when ACTWell First Aid Training opened its doors.

“Having responded to countless calls for emergency assistance in my capacity as a fire fighter, and attending multiple cardiac arrests, I am all too aware that most of the time, bystanders don't start CPR... the next time I am performing CPR on someone, I want to know that I have a genuine chance of helping revive them. That can only happen with bystander CPR before my arrival.”

“I have dedicated the past 6 years to helping Canberran's understand their role in an emergency, and I plan to continue it until ACTWell has reached its goal of saving 100 lives.”

“Having a competent and confident person managing a scene, whether it be evacuation, medical emergency or other, can be the difference between life and death. I wanted to start a business that would deliver this life saving and vital training."

He started the company as a one-man band, training thousands of students before expanding and gaining the assistance of his colleagues.

Since opening in 2012, Adam and the staff at ACTWell have trained over 14,000 students in a range of First Aid, Fire & Emergency, and Health & Safety courses.


Ben - Director/Instructor

Ben website photo

Ben has had an interest and a passion for first aid for the past fifteen years and during this time has worked in a multitude of first aid roles, both professionally and as a volunteer.

Ben worked as a surf life saver in Australia, as well as a pool lifeguard in the United States. For the past eight years, Ben has been employed in the Emergency Services as a fire fighter, requiring a theoretical and practical knowledge of first aid, firefighting and portable fire equipment, and emergency response. He regularly delivers training to his peers within Fire & Rescue.

Ben has been working as an ACTWell instructor since 2014 and loves the values that make up this company. He enjoyed working here so much that in 2016 he became a Director and Co-Owner.  

“I strongly believe there is a necessity to educate the public on the importance of early and effective CPR and responding to emergencies. Having attended many serious incidents with the Emergency Services, I am well aware of the benefits of having bystanders that are both willing and well trained to respond. I am passionate about providing quality education in a fun and engaging way, instilling people with the required knowledge and confidence to enable them to use it in real life situations.”

Ben has completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, and worked in the ACT public school system for many years as a teacher’s assistant. “I look forward to continuing to teach within my capacity as an ACTWell Instructor.”


Michael – Instructor

Michael Photo1

Michael has been an Intensive Care Paramedic with Ambulance NSW for over 18 years. 

“Over this time, I have seen the importance of having someone trained in first aid on scene prior to the arrival of paramedics. Often this can be the difference between life and death. I joined the ACTWELL team as a first aid instructor in 2017. Since then I have used my experience as a Paramedic and in training other Paramedics, to provide people with the skills and knowledge to save a life.”

Michael passionately shares his wealth of knowledge and experience with his students during courses. Since starting with us he has ONLY received 5 star reviews from our clients. He excels as a trainer of first aid and lifesaving skills. 

Michael delivers our first aid, advanced first aid, advanced resuscitation, and remote area first aid courses. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in health science, Prehospital care and an Advanced Diploma in Paramedical Science. 




Jackie – Instructor

Jackie headshot

Jackie studied a Bachelor of Paramedic Science in Brisbane, Queensland and has spent two years travelling across Australia, working for a private medical company who provide paramedics, doctors and nurses to major events. Recently she gained employment with ACT Ambulance Service as a Paramedic and has gained a wealth of experience that goes much further than just performing CPR.

“I like to give basic background information in order to help first aiders understand why we do things and why first aid is always changing. I think first aiders underestimate just how important they are in helping us do our job as Advanced Life Support clinicians. So I work hard on making sure you feel comfortable enough to take on that important role if you are ever needed. My focus is typically on quality CPR throughout my courses, because I believe Basic Life Support is the first integral link in saving a life.  I want my students leaving with the knowledge and confidence to be able to do their best in every first aid circumstance.”

Jackie joined ACTWell in 2016 and thoroughly enjoys her time working alongside ACTWell's other Trainers, providing the best first aid courses in Canberra. She delivers our first aid, advanced first aid & advanced resuscitation courses.



Brendan – Instructor

Brendan has recently returned to Australia after spending 6 years serving in the British Army as a Combat Medic. This is where he developed a passion for first aid, having firsthand experience of how effective basic First Aid is and how important the first responder’s role is.

As a company medic his responsibilities included writing and implementing medical plans, instructing and educating soldiers in his company, and delivering primary health care and pre-hospital health care overseas and in the UK. Also, to keep clinically current Brendan participated in medical placements constantly throughout his time in the Army in British Ambulance services and within Accident and Emergency departments throughout the UK.

“I am proud to be an Instructor at ACTWell, as I get the opportunity to provide good quality, realistic first aid training to members of the public, who may genuinely one day use these skills to save a life”

Brendan has completed his Battlefield Advanced Trauma Life Support course and his class 1 Combat Medic course, Cert IV Training and Assessment and all first aid qualifications.

Brendan’s real passion is remote area healthcare which he wishes to follow in the future within Australia. Brendan now divides his time  between studying nursing, working in mental health and Instructing a variety of First Aid courses with ACTWell. He delivers our first aid, advanced first aid, advanced resuscitation, and remote area first aid courses.


Phil - Instructor

Phil website image

Phil comes from a background in radio, having spent 12 years working at local radio stations Mix 106.3 and HIT 104.7. This experience, as well as his friendly and funny persoanlity make him very popular with our clients.

In 2012 he joined the Emergency Services and has been working protecting the community with ACT Fire & Rescue ever since.

“I’ve been heavily involved in sport all my life, through which I’d completed many First Aid courses, however, I’m not sure they prepared me for the real thing. The best part about ACTWell is the passion of the presenters and the fact that we give a realistic and practical guide to navigating a First Aid emergency.”

Phil came on board in 2017 and has applied the delivery skills that come from a radio background with the practical experience gained from working in the emergency services to help continue the quality program the ACTWell customers have come to expect.

Phil holds a Cert IV in Public Safety, Cert IV Training and Assessment, Cert IV Media and Communications all first aid and fire qualifications. He delivers a range of our first aid, fire and safety courses.


Dani - Instructor

Dani Photo

Dani brings an engaging and enthusiastic personality to our team, having previously worked as a tour guide at the Australian Institute of Sport. She joined the Emergency Services in 2016, and has been working protecting the community with ACT Fire & Rescue since that time.
Her enthusiastic and passionate personality provide an entertaining and engaging learning environment, and our students love her.
"I have had a passion for sport and health my entire life both socially and through work. During this time I have participated in many first aid courses, but it wasn't until I joined Fire & Rescue that I realised what capacity a first aider has to help a person in an emergency, and what capacity I have to spread that message."
"Regularly seeing emergency care provided by paramedics, seeing what happens when treatment isn't provided early enough, and being involved in those scenarios helped me understand the importance of my role if I am ever a bystander at emergency incidents"
"I'm glad I now have the knowledge and experience to be one of the people spreading this message, and I am passionate about helping others to realise that they too can be the difference in a life or death situation. The life they save could be someone very important to them."
"I want people to walk away from our courses with not only the skills and knowledge around first aid, but  also the confidence to actually utilise those skills should they ever be faced with such a situation."
Dani holds a Cert III in Public Safety & Cert IV Training and Assessment. She delivers a range of our first aid, fire and safety courses.